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Managing the expense of high-quality care to injured employees is a key factor in your overall workers’ compensation costs. We help you drive measurable improvements to medical outcomes by integrating claims management, analytics, and process optimization with proven cost reduction strategies.

Medical expenses often account for more than half your claims costs, so it’s important to have an effective plan to combat rising costs. With your injured workers and program goals in mind, we look at multiple areas to see where your current program can be improved.

Discovery Steps

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Evaluate the efficiency of your current program’s utilization, injured worker outcomes, and pricing parameters with our proprietary software

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Analyze service costs against ROI to identify areas for improved efficiencies, value, and outcomes

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Define meaningful and measurable objectives and monitor ongoing program effectiveness.

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Data-Driven Results

Using the managed care continuum, we align your data with how you want to measure critical components. Then, we compare your program against market data to establish custom benchmarks. This allows us monitor and adapt your program over time to deliver consistent cost savings.

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Financial Benefits

On average, our clients can save:

  • Up to a 10% improvement in annual medical spend
  • Up to a 15% improvement in medical claim duration
  • Up to a 30% improvement in Managed Care expenses and ROI
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A Winning Combination

Because of our size, experience, and reputation, we offer clients creative solutions that can save both time and money. Let us help you enhance your injured workers medical outcomes while reducing the cost of your program.