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Build a Plan to Save Costs

Team up with the EPIC Impact Managed Care Optimization team for strategic planning, rigorous, unbiased managed care analysis, and a comprehensive understanding of which actions and relationships will decrease your costs, improve medical outcomes, and require little to no client resources.



We collaborate with organizations to provide independent oversight and management of managed care programs to deliver the best results. Our approach is proven to generate significant reductions in medical spending and improved medical outcomes for injured workers.

Five Elements of Success

Data Analysis
To identify any gaps in the processing of medical bills, savings opportunities and managed care financial impact on overall program

Price Analysis
Price and cost mechanism analysis to validate application and to identify ongoing managed care and expense reduction opportunities

Process Review
Identify gaps in processing of bill types, billing efficiency assurance and managed care protocols

Findings Summary
Final report summarizing all findings and go-forward financial savings opportunities

Solution Implementation
Leveraging our expertise and core findings, we will implement solutions, manage and continually adapt the go-forward program to deliver material cost savings to our clients


  • Save up to $100k per $1M of medical spend and up to $300k per $1M of managed care costs allocated loss adjustment expenses (ALAE)

  • Up to 15% improvement in medical bill savings

  • Up to a four-percentage-point impact on preferred provider organization (PPO) savings

  • Dedicated and independent managed care partner

  • Ongoing management and real-time optimization of program during life of engagement

Our Leaders

Christian Florence

Managing Principal - Atlanta, GA

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