The topic of employer-mandated vaccinations is a quickly evolving issue, and one that brokers and risk managers alike must keep on their radars.

Lainee Beigel, EPIC Emerging Risk and Technical Lead for Executive Risk and Cyber, published an article on Risk & Insurance that addresses the risks for employers that do mandate the vaccine.

She notes the need to monitor due to the potential for impacts on claims as well as on the Employment Practice Liability (EPL) market. “This is all new territory,” notes Lainee, “Risk managers need to be sure that their EPL is in order. We don’t know how future lawsuits will be plead, but watching the litigation is something as brokers we will be doing, so that we are in a good position to advise our clients.”

Lawsuits such as the one involving workers at Houston Methodist are likely.

While this suit was unsuccessful, there will be more, and they could expand into Directors’ and Officers’ Liability coverage as well.


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