The Situation, and Our Solution

Roofer sustained multiple left rib fractures when he slipped and fell on a small ice patch on the roof.  

He lost several days of work and was released to sedentary work. Our Workers’ Compensation Claims Advocate worked with the client to identify modified duties and was successful in bringing the employee back to work in a sedentary transition duty position. Our advocate then continued to closely monitor the employee’s medical appointments for changes in work restrictions.

From there, the claims advocate maintained constant contact with the carrier’s claims adjusters to closely monitor the medical treatment and the treating physician’s work status reports. The initial cost savings was the temporary disability benefits. If the employee continued to stay off work, the cost would have been well over $20,000 in temporary disability benefits during the transitional duty period.



temporary disability benefits spared



total cost of claim

The Ideal Result

It pays to be proactive, involved, and solutions driven.

The EPIC Claims Advocate aggressively worked with the carrier adjuster and client, which eventually led to the employee being discharged from treatment without permanent disability. The claim file was closed and only $5,728 was paid on the claim. Our significant impact was being involved on day one of the claims process and proactively working with the key steak holders to impact the claims duration and costs.

Risk Management for Roofing Contractors

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