The Importance of Claims Advocacy 

How a Commercial Roofing company with two locations and 90 to 100 employees experienced a total reduction of 76 points.

When our Workers’ Compensation Claims Advocate began working with this commercial roofer, their experience modification was 230%. The client had six open claims with reserves in excess of $575,000. Our claims advocate immediately contacted the claims adjusters to review the reserves and make sure there were adequate and established, comprehensive action plans for resolutions on the open claims, and to see how they were affecting the experience modification.

The claims advocate set target dates and tracked all completed action items. Our advocate also reached out to the defense attorneys to ensure the litigation strategy was in line with the resolution plans. 



in open claims


76 points

total mod reduction

It Pays To Be Aggressive

On a monthly basis, EPIC provided claims updates to the client to track the resolution progression.

Within eleven months, our advocate was able to close two of the six claims and reduce the claims reserves by $80,000. Within fourteen months, the claims advocate was able to close additional claims with a $59,000 reduction in the reserves. Most recently, when the Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau (WCIRB) calculated the experience modification it was 154%, which is a total reduction of 76 points.

We are projecting the 2020 experience modification will be 137%, due to our:

  • Aggressive Claims Advocacy
  • Reserve Adequacy Evaluation
  • Claims Monitoring
  • Claims Reviews
  • Return to Work Assistance
  • Data Analytics to track results

Risk Management for Roofing Contractors

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