EPIC Employee Benefits (EB) received an 88% Net Promoter Score (NPS).

Thank you to our clients who completed our survey!

The NPS survey asks, on a scale of 1-10, how likely a Client is to recommend EPIC to a friend or colleague. The score reflects the percent of Promoters (those who selected 9 or 10) minus the percent of Detractors (those who selected 0-6). Passives (those who select a 7 or 8) are not included.

We’re proud to report factors influencing and contributing to the favorable rating included: the overall partnership and relationship clients have with their EPIC team, our industry expertise and focus on service excellence, as well as the programs and solutions available.  Many commented that EPIC acts as an extension of our Clients’ teams.

As a trusted business partner to the employers we work with, it’s always important to know how we can best support our clients going forward. The top priority reported was staying on top of legislative changes and managing the various state and local requirements. EPIC hosts a bi-monthly Compliance Webinar series as well as timely webinars on topics impacting our clients, such as our recent discussion of the No Surprises Act/Healthcare Transparency. We also provide complimentary access to the Mineral PlatformTM HR Compliance and Training solution.

We’re committed to our Clients, thankful for the favorable NPS results, and look forward to continuing to provide employers with the service excellence and advice they trust today.