The Power Of Loss Control

A Construction Company with 10 Workers’ Compensation claims in one policy year knew something had to change.

In an effort to reduce overall injuries, EPIC Loss Control worked with management to provide training at the supervisory level. This training involved Safety Leadership where foremen were provided skills on leading by example, the importance of safety in efficiency, and how to motivate employees to engage in safe behaviors.

EPIC Loss Control began visiting to lead safety meetings at the company every two months. Topics were selected based on exposures observed at jobsites, along with seasonal topics such as Heat Illness.



reduction in claims frequency



new loss ratio, down from 56%

Even Digitally, We Saw Major Results

Now more than ever, don’t discredit online resources.

EPIC provided access to our online Risk Management Center, a resource for:

  1. Online training
  2. Video streaming, and
  3. Other safety resources for employees on Modified Duty

The next policy year, the construction company only experienced three total Workers’ Compensation claims, a 70% reduction in claims frequency, along with a reduction from 56% to 3% in loss ratio.

Risk Management for Roofing Contractors

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