Seven EPIC Insurance Brokers and Consultants team members have been named Risk & Insurance Power Broker® winners: Jeff Breskin, Rhonda Mack, Thompson Mackey, Chris Moore, Jake Perata, Brian Tanner and Christophe Van Gool; and two as finalists: Renee Bosley and Rudy Milfort. The EPIC team members are recognized for their creativity, knowledge and commitment to providing responsive service. Learn more about each individual below.

Jeff Breskin, Workers’ Compensation
Jeff’s entry proved his dedication to clients, many of whom are in the manufacturing industry. “He’s available to us round the clock … he’s basically been there to help me and guide us through crisis,” a client said.

Rhonda Mack, Equine Insurance
Rhonda’s entry showed how she kept her clients’ animals covered and cared for through the heightened uncertainty caused by the coronavirus pandemic. “Rhonda is an amazing professional who is outstanding in her field. She helped our farm and family continue to be a standout in the equine community,” a client said.

Thompson Mackey, Cyber Insurance
Thompson was recognized for his ability to have a primary carrier issue a claim payment to a client within 15 days of loss. The quick resolution was greatly appreciated by the client, who remarked, “In the last year, he helped me place programs for two clients…in both cases, he engaged quickly and had the sale completed in six weeks’ time at a reasonable cost.”

Chris Moore, Farm, Ranch, Equine & Livestock
Chris’ specific knowledge of his clients’ business, risks and policies helped set him apart for recognition as a Power Broker. “Chris works for us,” a client said. “He understands our farm and family goals and needs.”

Jake Perata, Hospitality
Jake’s clients say there isn’t a better advocate for those in the hospitality industry. “Jake was able to get us the limits we had in the past with much lower premiums than the incumbent broker and also we were alerted to some coverage gaps that we had in our current policies. We feel better educated and confident in our coverages with Jake.”

Brian Tanner, Energy
Brian’s team approach not only sets him apart, but helped him provide satisfying service to one construction client, who remarked, “Brian and his team won our insurance and surety brokerage. They did a thorough review of our existing program and uncovered a significant gap in liability coverage, which cascaded through the [six-figure] tower.”

Christophe Van Gool, International
Christophe stands out for more than his Belgian roots; his intimate knowledge of the European insurance market and customs makes him invaluable to his clients. “He worked in the best interest of his clients, found discrepancies and tightened the solutions.”

Renee Bosley, Finalist, Employee Benefits
Renee earned a finalist designation for her proven ability to reduce prescription drug costs and premiums through pass through PBMs and captive structures for healthcare clients.

Rudy Milfort, Finalist, Broker at Large
Rudy earned a finalist designation, partly for his work achieving major auto and workers’ compensation rate reductions, and total program premium savings in the high six figures for one client.

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