Papich Construction Delivers Safely, Quickly

The California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) awarded an emergency $11.5-million contract to Papich Construction to complete the road reconnection for Big Sur Highway 1 earlier this year after a late January storm washed out a 150-foot section of the iconic highway.

Papich Construction delivered under budget, accident free and ahead of schedule – much to the delight of locals, who faced an hours-long drive to reach grocery stores, pharmacies, and other places that were just 20 minutes away when the highway was intact.

Caltrans chief Toks Omishakin called rebuilding the highway on what, in some places, was a near-vertical slope an “unbelievable feat of engineering.” Using drones and ground testing to determine where it as safe to use work vehicles, Papich Construction chose an enhanced fill option and then rebuilt the roadway on top. Crews also replaced the main drainage system with a specialized culvert system closer to the highway grade to prevent future washouts. The highway was closed for 86 days, reopening two months ahead of schedule thanks to the hard work and diligence of Papich Construction and Caltrans.

An EPIC client for more than five years, Papich Construction worked with DeAnna Buck, Senior Principal at EPIC and 2019 Captives Risk & Insurance Power Broker® for Captives, to find a captive option to help control costs and restructure their existing insurance programs. Their outstanding claims record and great safety culture opened the door to the captive option.

Congratulations to our client for their remarkable work on this project!

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DeAnna Buck
DeAnna Buck

Senior Principal