EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants, a retail property and casualty insurance brokerage and employee benefits consultant, announced today that the firm has launched a Restructuring Services operation under its Financial Services division to support the restructuring process for distressed situations with risk mitigation and risk transfer insurance capital solutions.

Led by Executive Vice President, Philip V. Moyles, Jr., head of Financial Services, the group will work with restructuring, legal, accounting and bankruptcy professionals as well as turnaround investors, to improve liquidity, preserve the business enterprise and develop and implement programs that address the issues adversely impacting financial performance.

EPIC’s Restructuring Services risk mitigation advisory process begins by cultivating an in-depth understanding of the objectives and business imperatives for each restructuring situation. After a thorough holistic analysis, EPIC develops the strategy and solution set best suited to mitigate and/or transfer risks and protect enterprise value.

“It is a pivotal time in our economy, and we’ve kept our focus on how we can create value for our clients in this very difficult environment. We realized we can play a valuable role across the entire restructuring lifecycle,” said Moyles. “Launching EPIC’s Restructuring Services capabilities under the Financial Services division was a strategic decision. Our unique interdisciplinary team has the depth and breadth of experience to comprehensively assess and clearly identify the areas of risk and opportunities to drive business enterprise preservation,” continued Moyles.