The Situation, and Our Solution

A diversified wine company with six brands spread out over three states needed help to focus on streamlining a safety first culture across their portfolio.

Here’s what they were facing:

  • The Experience Modification was up at 153 and had been rising the past three years.
  • There was no formal internal safety committee, employee training program or safety culture internally.
  • There was no pro-active loss control support from incumbent broker.
  • They still had open property claims from the Fall 2017 Napa fires with no advocacy support from the current broker.

Our team conducted a full policy audit and identified coverage gap issues. From there, we brought in an internal claim advocate to assist with the open fire claims and begin engaging carriers in all open claims. The team’s internal loss control specialist then conducted Leadership in Safety trainings for ALL WINERIES over a three-month period for more than 60 employees and supervisors.

Immediate Impacts

Our team renewed the Property Liability Insurance and cleaned up coverage gaps with no additional premium cost to the client. In addition, since conducting safety trainings and implementing a safety committee, the vineyard only experienced one workers’ comp claim, compared to five the previous year.


Closed 50%

of open indemnity claims



reduction in work comp premium 

“EPIC has been a fantastic partner in helping us navigate our insurance needs. We put complete trust in our EPIC team that our policies have been fully vetted to ensure we have the right coverage at a competitive price. Owning and insuring property in California right now comes with its challenges and EPIC is always timely, upfront and honest about what hurdles we can expect when entering into renewal season. They are our best advocates on claims and renewals, our eyes and ears in the insurance sector and our partner in securing coverage.”

Client Testimonial, Napa Winery


Faced with a changing climate and a seemingly unending series of natural disasters, California wineries must contend with a complex variety of human, economic, and natural threats to their survivability and sustainability. Addressing these challenges in a nimble and creative way is why we created the EPIC Winery Practice.

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Successfully managing risk by identifying and controlling potential sources of loss is the most effective way to protect your winery and reduce its insurance costs. Dedicated EPIC safety and claims consultants set us apart and are essential to this strategy.

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