Utilizing proactive loss prevention and risk control consulting services is one of the most important elements of risk management. In fact, controlling risk at the source remains the most effective way to contain insurance costs. Risk Control Services help businesses understand and minimize their cost of risk. It helps them determine best methods for minimizing their cost of insurance, avoid/control the cost of accidents and injuries, and minimize the lost productivity that accidents cause.



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Our team coordinates carrier services and performs the services ourselves. Our role is to assist in establishing a working partnership between the client and carrier, and to provide the best utilization of risk control services. We document service objectives in a written service plan, and develop a method of monitoring and measuring the effectiveness of risk control services. We view this as a cooperative process involving the carrier’s loss control department, the client’s risk management team, and the EPIC team. Each plan we develop is tailored specifically for the clients’ needs.


Risk Management Program Review

EPIC reviews risk management programs to identify risk control and claims programs and procedures that need to be strengthened or expanded. We believe the final programs must provide each client location with a single source of information and establish minimum expected guidelines for accident prevention, claims reporting, and accident cost control


Risk Control Service Schedule

Working with the client, EPIC establishes a Service Schedule, including the number of Risk Control visits per year to company locations/departments that have historically been major loss producers, with the goal of reducing risk and preventing losses.


Coordinating Carrier Risk Control Services

EPIC develops specific Service Instructions to be followed by the insurance carrier’s Risk Control personnel. The instructions highlight Risk Control objectives and outline the activities that the carrier is expected to complete along with a timeline. This allows for a smooth and well-coordinated effort between the client, carrier and broker to maximize effectiveness.


Accountability Programs and Loss Cost Chargeback System

EPIC designs Accountability Programs and Chargeback Systems, which allocate insurance and/or accident costs by accident experience, and can assist clients in creating and administering them. We develop programs that address both workers compensation and auto liability losses.


Cumulative Trauma & Repetitive Motion Injuries

EPIC works with clients to review claims resulting from cumulative trauma to determine the exact cause(s) of the injuries. Then we help clients establish plans and implement programs to minimize these injuries. For example, EPIC develops specialized programs to combat repetitive motion‐type injuries and assists our clients in determining the effectiveness of their workplace design, job rotation, and worker training.


Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

EPIC assists clients with Business Continuity Planning, a process that minimizes disruption to a business in the event that one or more time‐critical processes or supply chain resources are interrupted due to a natural disaster, fire, industrial accident, or willful sabotage. Through BCP, clients identify time‐critical processes and systems ahead of time and develop a plan that ensures continuity if a vital resource or service is interrupted unexpectedly.


Preparing Presentations for Client Meetings

EPIC works directly with clients to develop training materials for formal presentations at company regional or national meetings.

Risk Management Program Auditing

EPIC develops procedures and processes for ensuring compliance with the client’s Risk Management requirements. Key elements of an audit may include:

  • Safety Organization and Activities
  • Accountability and Responsibility
  • Accident Reporting and Investigation
  • Self‐Inspection/Hazard Identification and Control
  • Claims Management/Modified Duty Utilization
  • OSHA Required Programs
  • Driver Selection and Training


Ergonomics Evaluations

Accidents caused by lifting, carrying, sorting product, pushing, pulling or repetitive tasks are a significant source of workers’ compensation costs in most industries. At EPIC, we use Statistical Analysis to identify problem locations and tasks. We also perform Ergonomic Evaluations to identify specific tasks or operations likely to lead to musculoskeletal injuries and the countermeasures or administrative procedures that can reduce those risks.


Industrial Hygiene Services

Exposure to noise, dust, and chemical vapors can be a serious risk for workers. At EPIC, we work with insurance carrier specialists and national industrial hygiene laboratories to provide these specialized services to our clients. Additionally, we offer suggestions for workplace design and procedural controls of industrial hygiene exposures in an effort to assist our clients in providing a safe and healthy environment for their employees.


Customized Training Programs

EPIC develops training materials suitable for the client’s locations or identifies vendors that can provide this material. For basic regulations/OSHA issues, EPIC can create effective and easy to present programs to train and inform personnel. Programs are crafted to either present directly to employees or for a “train‐the‐trainer” audience.


Motor Vehicle Programs

EPIC assists in the review and development of Fleet Safety Programs that include a clear management policy statement, defined driver selection criteria, accident reporting and investigation procedures, vehicle inspection and maintenance guidelines, and ongoing driver training.


EPIC Risk Consulting


EPIC Risk Consulting is focused on reducing operational and financial risks at an enterprise-wide level. We provide a holistic process that integrates expertise across multiple lines of business that generate significant financial gains in risk management and operations. We offer contingent fee pricing structures to ensure a strong return on investment.


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