It is that time of the year again… we aren’t just walking. We’re Heartwalking! EPIC’s Bay Area and Northern California offices (San Francisco, San Mateo, San Ramon, Concord, Sacramento, Gold River) are joining over 1 million Americans at more than 305 events across the country to build healthier lives, free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Starting in early September and continuing through the middle of October, thousands will gather at various locations around the Bay Area and Northern California to raise funds to save lives by fighting and defeating this country’s No. 1 and No. 5 killers – heart disease and stroke.

Whether participating alone, as part of a team, or as a company, together we can fundraise to help fight heart disease and stroke. Teams from EPIC’s Bay Area offices are supporting this wonderful cause, looking to make a real impact in our communities. How can you make a positive difference in the lives of your friends, family and co-workers? Join the Heart Walk, start Heartwalking and make the commitment to lead a heart-healthy life. Remember- we’re not only raising funds, we’re raising heartbeats!

For more information about The Bay Area Heart Walks, visit their homepage.

As of yesterday, our San Francisco, Sacramento/Gold River, and San Mateo teams have all participated in their respective American Heart Association Heart Walks. Thank you again to mother nature for keeping the beautiful California sun shining on us all as we walked for this important cause. We even had some furry companions join us in San Mateo this year.

Why did you walk this year?

“I walked with our EPIC team to show support for my husband, who had a stroke several years ago. He has fully recovered but continued research and education is vital!” – Linda Oliver, Sacramento office

“I feel compelled to walk in the event each year as my dad underwent lifesaving triple bypass surgery two years ago.  My grandfather died from complications due to stroke 5 years ago. Even before that, I had known people who had been touched by heart disease and/or stroke – friends, extended family, work colleagues.  The American Heart Association continues to save lives by raising funds for research and advances in science.  It’s a very worthy cause in my book.” – Sandy Black, Sacramento office

“It was good to be surrounded by a team and community that is doing everything it can to support Heart Health. My boys and I walked in memory of my father who I lost this year to heart disease. I know that Sandy walked for her family members as well.” – Julia Moore, Sacramento office

“As a heart attack survivor, this is a group effort by all, and sharing the “why” of others humanizes it more.” – Mary Grandy, Sacramento office

Sacramento Heart Walk group shotSF Heart Walk GroupSan Mateo Heart Walk group shotEPIC San Mateo Heart Walk Dogs