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A Roofing client with a large fleet and operations in Northern and Southern California was informed its auto liability carrier would not renew the policy because of a series of minor auto accidents involving company-owned vehicles.

The underwriter believed this trend would lead to a major loss. Immediately, the EPIC Risk Control Consultant negotiated with the underwriter and asked what could be done to reverse the carrier’s decision. The answer was an update of the client’s written fleet safety program and driver training. Both believed this would be an acceptable approach to assure renewal of the policy.  

Reversing the Carrier’s Decision

It took negotiating, but more importantly, it took implementing a true Fleet Safety Program.

The EPIC Risk Control Consultant immediately revised the client’s Fleet Safety Program in accordance with the carrier’s own standards and templates. Taken a step further, our consultant conducted defensive driver training for all company drivers, leveraging the carrier’s own Defensive Driver Training Program, Decision Driving.

Just like that, the policy was renewed. Never take No for an answer. We can help reverse a carrier’s decision. 

Risk Management for Roofing Contractors

EPIC Insurance Brokers & Consultants is the premier insurance brokerage firm serving California’s roofing industry. During difficult times like this is when we truly make a difference for our clients. We currently have more than $1 Billion in construction premiums. Use our leverage to your benefit!  Meet the Team


Fleet Safety Program

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