Personal Responsibilities


To assure that all personnel are familiar with the various roles and responsibilities required for the safe use of aerial lifts and elevated platforms.

Safe use of aerial lifts and elevated platforms depends on all personnel understanding and fulfilling the responsibilities expected of them.

Lift Operators:

Lift operators must assure that they use aerial lifts safely and follow all guidelines and recommendations set forth by their employer and the lift manufacturer.


Training exercises that simulate active shooter situations educate employees about the emergency action plan and reinforce practices that may help save lives.

Management responsibilities include:

  • Development, documentation, and distribution of aerial lift safety programs
  • Assuring that all safety, inspection, and maintenance programs are followed
  • Addressing any hazards found during inspections
Responsible Parties:

Responsible parties are appointed by the employer to write and implement the aerial lift safety program, and are responsible for:

  • Selecting and authorizing lift operators and assuring proper use of lifts
  • Scheduling training, inspections, and preventative maintenance and assuring that all operators’ training is current
  • Assuring that lifts are outfitted with required safety equipment
  • Maintaining training and inspection records