Transportation & Logistics / QuickContract™

EPIC has partnered with a cutting-edge technology provider to help you simply and efficiently manage contract reviews. This proprietary and customizable QuickContract™ software leverages artificial intelligence and human expertise to quickly identify risk in the most commonly negotiated transportation and logistics agreements including Shipper-Carrier, Broker-Carrier, and Broker-Shipper, as well as many other commonly reviewed contracts.

Why QuickContract™?

  • Transportation and logistics contracts are revenue-generating, high volume and can be high risk.
  • Many transportation and logistics intermediaries do not use attorneys to review their contracts.
  • Without proper review and corrections, your company may assume uninsured or unnecessary liability.
  • In the transportation and logistics industry, decision-makers often focus on revenue and not risk.
  • There is a heavy litigation environment in the United States and judicial awards are continuing to increase. Payouts from risky contracts can lead to bankruptcy.
  • The QuickContract™ program taps into over 100 years of industry experience and was designed by experts in the transportation and logistics industry with backgrounds in the industry’s legal, operational, and insurance aspects.

Program Benefits


The contract review software and services are designed to provide many benefits to contract and risk managers & legal departments, such as:

  • Reducing risk, consistency, and efficiency.
  • Intuitive software that identifies problematic language and offers reasonable solutions.
  • Streamlining the contract review process allows faster execution of your contracts.
  • Improving efficiency, allowing organizations to focus on revenue-generating work.
  • Providing sample language and resources to decision-makers that are signing and/or approving contracts.
  • Providing suggestions to assist in negotiation and to accelerate execution of contracts.
  • Protecting your organization from expensive legal challenges including potential bankruptcy-causing lawsuits.



We offer various service and pricing options to fit your organization’s needs.
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