Be Intentional About Safety

Custom, frequent and consistent safety messaging is transforming culture across a discount retailer’s diverse, distributed audience.

A major discount retailer with five distribution centers and around 3,000 employees kept experiencing high volumes of safety-related incidents and workers’ compensation claims. With a very diverse population spread across the country, they knew they needed help launching a strategic Safety Awareness Program before they could expect to change behavior and benefit from lasting results.

It Pays to Be Thoughtfully Committed 

Our team immediately performed an assessment, looking into current perceptions, culture, safety messages and the communications infrastructure. Leveraging the existing communications platform, the EPIC Training & Awareness Team created and launched a custom, multi-channel Safety Awareness Program. The team decided a monthly push with new topics each month would keep the program both fresh and engaging. This monthly, evolving program ran for a full year.

As a true multi-channel program, it included a mix of digital and print material to accommodate facility and access limitations, while craftfully driving home the message. Leadership buy-in also helped set the stage. We kicked off the program with a personal message from a senior executive team member to start strong with an endorsement.



drop in safety-related incidents



drop in workers’ compensation claims

Mission Accomplished in Just One Year

The program achieved both a 64% reduction in safety-related incidents and a 64% reduction in workers’ compensation claims year-over-year. On top of that, there was a visible change in the conversation, approach and attitude toward safety in the facilities. It’s no longer a burden and associates actively participate in program initiatives.  

The retailer came to EPIC with three goals for its Safety Awareness Program, and we delivered on all three!

  1. Reduce workplace safety-related incidents and associated costs
  2. Leverage the energy of the Safety Team to develop and encourage a proactive safety culture throughout all facilities
  3. Give safety a personality, make it fun and spread positivity


The Training and Awareness team partners with you to develop customized, targeted training communications and manages the process from strategy through execution. We continuously monitor, measure and adapt the strategy to maximize effectiveness and target areas that have a lasting effect on your culture.



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