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We made the impossible possible for a client that wanted to jump on an opportunity we couldn’t let them pass up …

Encore Live historically produced large, high-budget experiences such as Presidential Inaugurations, live music concerts, conferences and other dynamic, custom events. In a pandemic void of large-crowd experiences, Encore Live pivoted and sought to be first-to-market for filmed concert experiences at Drive-In and Outdoor Movie Theaters across North America. However, they needed our help to quickly build custom training for this unique event series and the necessary precautions that come with a pandemic.

The Show Must Go On

Determined to make filmed concert experiences at Drive-In Movie Theaters a reality for Encore Live, we stepped up in a big way.

Never mind safety measures being at an all-time high during the COVID-19 crisis, and the added wrench of government shutdowns across the country making it hard to rally an already distributed workforce, but we had about 10 days to make something out of nothing. Luckily, safety culture and engaging Training & Awareness programs is what we’ve always been about, and this was a moment where we could do what we do best to help our client shine.

In addition to training 800+ personnel on a number of custom topics, we wanted to track compliance and comprehension to ensure a high level of understanding during a very sensitive, and at that moment, still ever-evolving period of time.






topic mastery

Gamification App Achieves A+ 

Our team partnered with a digital, mobile-ready gamification application that could house our training content and track participation, compliance and comprehension. We developed eight custom courses designed to accommodate the unique needs of this type of event.

Tested and launched in a very tight time frame with a high degree of quality and accuracy, it was highly effective! In fewer than two weeks, we trained more than 800 personnel across all eight topics ahead of the first event in the series. Not only was everyone trained on time, they achieved a topic mastery average of 95% and only 1% of users required support help. 


The Training and Awareness team partners with you to develop customized, targeted training communications and manages the process from strategy through execution. We continuously monitor, measure and adapt the strategy to maximize effectiveness and target areas that have a lasting effect on your culture.



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