Has your company implemented return-to-office policies as the pandemic evolves?

Take our “Post-Pandemic” Return to Office survey to see how other companies are addressing this change

With Labor Day behind us, some companies request, or even mandate, that remote workers return to the office. Many believe that the COVID-19 pandemic as we know it is over – or is at least a shadow of what it used to be.

Take our brief survey today to let us know what your company is doing or plans to do over the coming months. We know that we are in an ever-changing environment and we will rerelease a survey on this topic early in 2023.

We took a look at:

  • Remote work capabilities
  • Perks and incentives to return to the office
  • Actions for not returning to the office
  • Health precautions being taken
  • Industries, locations and number of active employees

All who responded by Wednesday, October 19 will receive a summary of the survey results.