Now that the upheaval of spring wellness events and the mad dash to go virtual have subsided, we’re immediately shifting our focus to fall. However, this fall will not look like it did last year – many of our clients, especially those in New York City and other hard-hit areas, are canceling onsite wellness events or shifting them to virtual. With so much uncertainty and no end to it in sight, clients are taking a better-safe-than-sorry approach. No one wants a wellness event to cause more stress than it relieves.

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So, what should you do about onsite wellness events this fall?

It’s best to discuss this internally and follow local, state, and federal guidelines. Considering the director of the CDC warns of a second wave of COVID-19 this fall, it’s important to stay informed and keep the health of employees front-of-mind! If you’re looking to shift to virtual events, there are options and we’re happy to help get you on track.

If you choose to host onsite events this fall, start planning now.

Connect with the vendors who’ll be providing the services and confirm their availability – some companies may have gone out of business, some may be taking on fewer events, some may have a vastly different protocol, and some may not have changed anything (which could put employees at risk).

In my previous blog on community wellness, I discussed my hope that people better understand the concept and actively try to help those around them by getting a flu vaccination. This fall, it may be more important than ever.

Whether you’ve hosted onsite flu events previously or not, here are some things to consider for this year:

  • What are the new COVID-19-related protocols for vendors, and can your office space accommodate them?
  • Do you need to increase the number or duration of events to allow for social distancing?
  • What is the cancellation policy for the vendor and are there any fees?

I have a client who typically hosts their flu clinic during their annual health fair. About 300 employees get flu shots during the three-hour event. Employees wait in the hallway outside a smaller conference room to get their flu shot – 15 employees per time slot. This year, the vendor has requested the use of the large conference room for the flu clinic, so they can no longer host the health fair at the same time. In addition, the client has scheduled four flu clinics instead of two, so they can have fewer employees per time slot. The vendor is still adjusting protocol based on regulatory guidance, so things may change further before September.

The details may change but having a wellness plan in place now will help create successful events during these tumultuous times. As always, EPIC Wellness is here and happy to help.

The EPIC Wellness & Health Management practice will continue to share ways to support the socialphysicalemotional, and community wellbeing of your workforce in the new normal, along with proper communication. EPIC also has a dedicated coronavirus webpage with links to additional employer resources for employee benefits and risk management. Stay tuned for more from us!


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