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More unfolds every day as our government, our industry, and our global market continues to react to an unprecedented pandemic. At EPIC, we assembled a team early and immediately began addressing our clients’ risk and employee benefits concerns with regular updates every step of the way. Knowing there’s so much information to unpack every week, EPIC subject matter experts Larry Reback, Jacqueline Beaudet, Chantelle Dortch, Marla Eisenberg, and Craig Hasday sat down to record a dynamic and conversational presentation to help answer your most immediate concerns.



  • Introductions & Overview
  • What is the Exposure Risk?
  • Occupational Disease
  • Workers’ Compensation Compensability
  • Employee Benefits: Navigating New Leave Requirements
  • Regulatory Update: State & Federal Government Response to Pandemic
  • Q&A

Workers’ Compensation FAQ

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